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A hobby that i hade since i was 8years (1981) old where i grow in Sri lanka. I moved to Sweden in 2001 but took sometime to get in touch with fancier who have racing pigeons closed to where I live, 2012 in out of the clouds I met Jamal Robdyee and bought apair without pedigree just to keep them around, it did not took so long time, i become a member in a local club and participate in yearling in 2013. With lack of experience and with no stock my birds flew their first competition from 260km as 3month old and made it all the way and 6th place in the club,

I knew I have to invest in some good bird and the meantime have to build a solid stock if I have to be involve in the sport in top level, so I contact Jamal again and bought some young birds with winning line, he has good result in club and national level.

Year after 2014 I won the club championship in yearling and the old birds, same year my first nationals,my bird place 11th from Sundsvall 360km.

My first international One Loft Race in Denmark 2015 both of my birds made it in finals out of 1088b. Became 74th and 136th place, a proud day for my loft.


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Ravi Dissanayake

Eva and Noah before we handover birds to our very first competition in 2013

With Finn Kronbeck, handing over my two birds to DAPIRACE 2015

Handling over 7 competitors to DAPIRACE 2016 with Zaki..